Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jorja - our angel baby..

Jorja with Nana Joy (my mum)
Jorja is one month old yesterday, things are going great, Im really enjoying being a mum, work is but a distant memory!! I honestly dont miss it, which is a big thing for me, cause I thought I would miss it.
Believe it or not, Jorja has been sleeping thru the night (10pm-5.30/6am ish) for the last week and a half... we are so excited about this, but well aware that it may change! for now we are revelling in the sleep that we (me!!) are getting.
She is feeding well, and seems to be having a growth spurt at the moment I think, as feeding quite often. speaking of which, she just started howling in my ear!! so i better go get the milk flowing!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Long awaited arrival!!!

Finally I get time to get on here and announce that Jorja Grace Haring arrived at 3.02am on Thursday 19th November!!!! 10 days overdue
After a relatively quick labour & birth of 6 hours, she arrived safe & sound. Thankfully everything went really smoothly and I didnt need to be induced, as I was booked to be induced 2hrs after I started having contractions naturally. I also didnt need an epidural, just sucked on the gas thru all contractions like my life depended on it, plus pain relief in the bath.
Cam was fantastic throughout, although it was hard for him to see me going thru the pain. I also had my Mum there, plus our wonderful midwife Celia.
Spent two nights in hospital, then home on Saturday morning. Jorja is well settled at home, and things seem to be getting into some semblance of a routine! if you can call it that!
We plan to try 'BabyWise' which is a feed/play/sleep 'routine' based on parent directed feeding, rather than demand feeding. Will update you on how this in going!! any thoughts on this appreciated, some (like our midwfie) are dead against it, but others swear by it. Those that have done it say that bub is generally sleeping thru the night at 8 weeks, imagine that!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Im not 4 days overdue, which I know is not that far over, but to me it seems like an eternity!
Everyone tries to be sooo helpful.. saying 'she will come in her own good time' 'she'll come soon I know it' etc.. etc.. that doesnt help me having to sit here and WAIT.. its driving me crazy.
Im also quite bored, trying to fill in my days is getting a little frustrating, theres only so many movies one can watch, and anything that involves walking any long distances just doesnt work.. hmmmmmm.....
On the up side, the weather is lovely today, so maybe I will take my book down to the beach.
Had a few niggles yesterday, which I got mildly excited about, but then they went away, and I havent felt anyting since.
Anyway.... onwards...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This is it!

Well today being November 9th, I am now officially 40 weeks and 1 day overdue.

Not completely over it yet, but with each passing day I am getting more and more impatient.

I am scared that I wont know when the 'labour' actually starts, as I have heard soooo many different stories about what people felt, like I have one friend that didnt feel anything in her belly, just back pain thats all. So now everytime I get a back twinge, I think 'is this it?!'

Anyway, Im hoping it will be a bit more obvious than all that.

Cams nervous, he woke at 6am this morning, I think he nervous also about up and leaving work in the middle of the day/week, and not knowing what day it will be, he trying to be as up to date as possible at all times. Hes very organised and fussy about his work load, so finds it hard to leave it to someone else to pick up. Oh and hes also nervous about bringing a new life into the world, and shes our responsibility to look after!!

Here's us yesterday:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

more preggie pics

These booties were made by my grandma before she died, cute aye!

Well I am officially 40 weeks tomorrow (sunday 8th Nov) phew! i made it!
not holding my breath for anything to happen though, midwife reckons I will be at least 7-10 days overdue.
Oh, i have also decided that my blog is really boring, but I dont know how to change the background or anything, any help much appreciated!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Preggy Pics

Courtesy of

Just a few.. the pic uploader on my laptop doesnt want to work very well, so will try again later. x